2019 First Semester – Fifth Grade

The goal of the Villa Library Program is to develop in students an enjoyment of reading, an appreciation of learning and to ensure that students can apply the skills, strategies and processes to be effective users and producers of information and ideas.


Library Responsibilities

Students have reviewed the various sections of the library and how resources are organized. Students were introduced to the online resources such as World Book Encyclopedia and Culture Grams as well as databases available through Proquest and the Seattle Public Library.


Literature Appreciation

Students have been introduced to the books on the Villa Library’s “Fifty Nifty” list. They have been encouraged to read books from this list for their pleasure reading. Students have reviewed the characteristics of various genres and identified other books that meet the criteria.


Information Literacy and the Research Process

Students reviewed the research process by asking the following central question: “How might we assist victims of a natural disaster?” They identified various disasters common in Washington State and explored the range of effects from these disasters. They identified the kind of assistance that is needed and who provides services to victims of a disaster.

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