Fourth Grade – Second Semester

Literature Appreciation – Author Study – What is the relationship between Chris Van Allsburg and Harris Burdick?

Students continue the study of the books by Chris Van Allsburg. They identified common traits and themes in his writing and the style of his illustrations. Using the book, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, students explored the mystery introduced in the story. They examined the structure of the story as well as the illustrations in the book and then compared the illustrations to the illustrations and stories in other books by Chris Van Allsburg.


Information Literacy – Research Unit – What makes a toy special in the hearts and minds of children?

Students continued their review and practice of the steps of research. Using information from books and online, students read and gathered relevant information to answer their research questions. They paraphrased and summarized the information for each question. They found photos and visuals to add to their final product. Students displayed their work in our β€œToy Museum” and shared their information with peers as well as family and friends on Grandparents Day.


Summer Reading Suggestions

I have compiled four lists of new titles and award winners for a range of grade levels. The titles on each list include a variety of genres and have been selected to appeal to a wide range of reading abilities and interests. All four lists can be found on my website.


The Seattle Public Library at and King County Library at offer summer reading programs to keep kids involved with books. Visit their websites or a branch to learn details of the programs.



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