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Fifth Grade

10:47AM   June 14th, 2019

Literature Unit – What makes the genre unique?

Students analyzed and compared the structure of stories from various genres including realistic fiction, historical fiction, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction. They used evidence from the text to support their conclusions about genres.   They were introduced to titles in each genre and had an opportunity to read and check out books from each genre.


Literature Unit – What is the American story?

Students created a timeline of major eras in U.S. history and selected three or four historical fiction picture books from each era to read. They identified the everyday common experiences of Americans during each time period and considered and reacted to a question from each era.


Information Literacy – How might we assist victims of a natural disaster?

Students continued their research on what victims of disaster need and how can they be of assistance. They took notes from various sources and summarized their notes answering their research questions. In groups, the students created a plan that could be used to help victims.


Summer Reading Suggestions

I have compiled four lists of new titles and award winners for a range of grade levels. The titles on each list include a variety of genres and have been selected to appeal to a wide range of reading abilities and interests. All four lists can be found on my website.


The Seattle Public Library at and King County Library at offer summer reading programs to keep kids involved with books. Visit their websites or a branch to learn details of the programs.



2019 First Semester – Fifth Grade

12:06PM   February 4th, 2019

The goal of the Villa Library Program is to develop in students an enjoyment of reading, an appreciation of learning and to ensure that students can apply the skills, strategies and processes to be effective users and producers of information and ideas.


Library Responsibilities

Students have reviewed the various sections of the library and how resources are organized. Students were introduced to the online resources such as World Book Encyclopedia and Culture Grams as well as databases available through Proquest and the Seattle Public Library.


Literature Appreciation

Students have been introduced to the books on the Villa Library’s “Fifty Nifty” list. They have been encouraged to read books from this list for their pleasure reading. Students have reviewed the characteristics of various genres and identified other books that meet the criteria.


Information Literacy and the Research Process

Students reviewed the research process by asking the following central question: “How might we assist victims of a natural disaster?” They identified various disasters common in Washington State and explored the range of effects from these disasters. They identified the kind of assistance that is needed and who provides services to victims of a disaster.