Second Grade


The goal of the Villa library program is to develop students who value learning and have the skills, strategies, and processes to be independent users of information. The library curriculum provides learning opportunities for students to develop skills in the following areas:


Information Literacy and the Research Process

Students practice information literacy skills that enable them to gain meaning from information.

  • Research skills and process – Should we encourage wild animals to live in our neighborhoods?
  • Identify central and research questions.
  • Locate relevant materials using key words.
  • Gather relevant information using simple note taking systems.
  • Reading strategies – How does reading help you pursue you passions?
  • Identify strategies for reading non-fiction.


Literature Appreciation and Reading for Meaning

Students develop skills and strategies to better understand the message of a story and/or information.

  • Story elements – What makes a story a story?
  • Identify and compare elements of a story.
  • Comprehension study – How can we make and nurture friendships?
  • Summarize plot and important events.
  • Culture study – How do tales transform as they travel?
  • Identify and compare attributes of folklore and repeating motifs.
  • Respond to a variety of traditional and contemporary genres.


Library Responsibilities

Students develop skills and strategies to help them use the resources of the library effectively.

  • Organization of library resources – Why is fiction fake?
  • Explain proper care and use of resources.
  • Locate resources using search stations and classification system.
  • Use book selection skills.